This morning was bliss. Only for about 25 minutes, but it was 25 minutes of bliss. I had time to kill before my precalc lecture, time that I logically should’ve spent studying for precalc but I was in that state of mind where I could just not. I don’t know why I haven’t made a point to go before, maybe because my art dreams were painfully crushed last spring, or maybe because I’ve been extremely busy, more busy than I have ever been in my whole life, but I was passing the art museum on campus on my way to class and I decided to peek in.

Coincidentally, I just recently had the urge to make this blog and look at all of my old work and make art a part of my daily routine again. It’s not only something I genuinely enjoy and have interest it, but I really feel like it’s a coping mechanism, a stress-reliever that I desperately need.

I walked into the art museum and I can’t describe it anyway else, but it was like a wave washed over me and I could breathe more deeply and see more clearly. The actual atmosphere inside that museum was so peaceful and calmly energizing. The last time I had looked at a painting hanging in a museum seems like a lifetime ago.


As I walked out of the museum I felt the 8 pounds I gained since I’ve been on campus (yes I said 8 pounds) float off of me and over the Washington bridge into the Mississippi and drift away. Anything that makes you feel like weights are literally being lifted off your shoulders, unless it’s some kind of really illegal drug like one of the bad ones, it’s something worth pursuing.


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