shopping vintage: how my wardrobe (and my wallet) went from drab to fab

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“Me, Fab.” Photo. Milwaukee, WI. 2017.

Last summer, after arriving home with several trash bags full of clothes that I hauled back from my beloved dorm room, I found that I had absolutely no space to store them. My closets (yes, plural) were full of clothes that I hadn’t even considered bringing to college, but that for some reason I thought were necessary to hang on to. I was shocked at my pre-college self, I was discouraged, and I was extremely annoyed. I decided that it was high time to clean out my closets and perform a wardrobe/lifestyle makeover.

I began with a lot of ambition. Clothes were flying off their hangers and out of drawers, but as I began to sift through the mountain of 2006 – 2015 fashions, it was next to impossible for me to throw everything away. Most of these clothes were thrifted pieces that I had fond memories of digging out from the bottom of Goodwill bins. How could I simply give away my $4 penny loafers?They may look a bit orthopedic, but they’re so comfy! And my size XXL wool sweater? That oversized look is so in right now, and it’sΒ real wool!

I have to admit, it was tough, but I was able to narrow it from “closets” to “closet” by keeping only the essentials and a few statement pieces (granted, I may have had them for years and not had the chance to wear them yet, but I swear I will). I started organizing the rest into the valuables, like the rare vintage Levis that were two sizes too small, and the not so valuables, like the tattered homemade bro-tank I used to wear to middle-school basketball practice.

I kept the valuables. If I had to part with them, I was at least going to make some money doing it. I spent the rest of the summer forcing my friends to channel their inner divas and model my clothes, so that I could try to sell them. I posted the items and their descriptions along with a price on Depop, a buying and selling app for clothes, shoes, art, and things like that. It immediately took off!

I’ve made an unbelievable amount of money in the past year from reselling clothes, shoes, and even accessories, books, and art pieces. It’s so much more interesting, sustainable, and ethical to shop vintage and recycled clothes, rather than from fast-fashion industries.

Plus, you’ll never be caught wearing the same thing as a coworker (awkward)! Whenever I go thrifting or decide my closet needs a little refreshing, I keep my eyes out for quality items, snap some pictures, and try to find them a good home.

Shop my Depop!



One Reply to “shopping vintage: how my wardrobe (and my wallet) went from drab to fab”

  1. Yes!!, finally a young person really into buying and recycling used clothes and accessories. Think of all the resources she’s saving. Our planet thanks you and I do too!


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